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Ukkel Parc Wansaert 3d realestate project 48 | 3d real estate

Parc Wansart, Uccle

From a sleek, compact office complex to a fresh, quiet and green residential area close to the centre of the capital. With a perfect mix of studios, duplexes, apartments and penthouses, this project offers opportunities for every type of buyer or investor.
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IMG 0160 | 3d real estate
in design phase

Printing House National Bank, Brussels

The redevelopment of this valuable landmark will give a dynamic boost to the urban fabric of Brussels.
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Gent Academie 3d realestate project 38 | 3d real estate

Academie, Ghent

A whole new city neighbourhood right between the Patershol and the Prinsenhof in sought-after central of Ghent. This project is a perfect balance of old and new, with something for everyone: residents and investors.
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Ukkel Domaine Observatoire 3d realestate project 25 | 3d real estate

Domaine de l’Observatoire, Uccle

The former Deux Alice hospital offered enormous potential: green vistas, a traffic-calmed neighbourhood, large rooms with high ceilings. This residential project includes very diverse, elegant residential units, finished to perfection.
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IEP 5 bewerkt | 3d real estate

Gloria, Ypres

A fresh injection of life for a district in the historic centre of Ypres. An attractive project that seamlessly builds on the restored old buildings of Sint-Jan-ten-Berg, with an emphasis on open spaces, greenery, sustainability and financial returns.
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3 | 3d real estate
under construction

De Molens, Deinze

Former industrial buildings are the locations for today’s most interesting and versatile conversion projects, offering a unique living experience and the prospect of added value. Thanks not least to its beautiful location on the Leie, this living, working and leisure project is coming to be seen as a model of its kind.
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Croix Rouge3 | 3d real estate
in design phase

Croix Rouge de Belgique, Uccle

Croix Rouge de Belgique, Uccle
Gent Vossenbos 3d realestate project 78 | 3d real estate
under construction

Vossenbos, Ghent

An affordable, green and accessible residential project, within cycling and tram distance of Ghent city centre. The design and attractive location make Vossenbos a solid, reliable investment.
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Paal Beringen Plastiflex 3d realestate project 76 | 3d real estate

Plastiflex, Beringen

New headquarters for a growing company. At the business park in Beringen, we developed a spacious test facility and associated offices for Plastiflex and made space for a new SME zone.
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Winge Golf & Country Club, Tielt-Winge

In the beautiful rural Hageland you can find Winge Golf & Country Club. On the site there is a masterpiece of a clubhouse, perfectly integrated into the existing landscape of forests, meadows and water areas.
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