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Homes that will hold their value right next to Vossenbos in Ghent

Greenery, accessibility and affordability are assets not to be underestimated on the Ghent housing market, and Vossenbos is the complete package: close to the city centre, in a green setting and near to important access roads. An apartment in this development is an attractive investment for the future.

New construction in the green part of The Loop

This public-private partnership gives an extra boost to a fast-changing area.

With a nature development plan for the green surroundings and around 200 sustainable, affordable dwellings, this is a key project.

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Vossenbos’s unique advantages

  • Green, strategic location near the Maria Middelares Hospital
  • Budget homes and market-consistent, almost-energy-neutral apartments at competitive prices
  • A location in the midst of transition
  • Easily accessible via the R4 and E40 and by bicycle or tram

Practical details and availability

The plans for this project have been drawn up and the final administrative hurdles have been cleared. The project website will be launched shortly and details released about the design and plans.

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