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Sustainable investment in the city.

About us

Here at 3d real estate we are shaping tomorrow’s cities. By bringing new life to valuable city locations, we create exciting opportunities for living, working, relaxing and investing. Our sustainable, engaged projects reinforce the urban fabric, and old sites are upgraded and acquire a new attractiveness. Our approach is characterised by respect for historical value and with an open vision for the future.


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Academie, Ghent

A whole new city neighbourhood right between the Patershol and the Prinsenhof in sought-after central of Ghent. This project is a perfect balance of old and new, with something for everyone: residents and investors.
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Gloria, Ypres

A fresh injection of life for a district in the historic centre of Ypres. An attractive project that seamlessly builds on the restored old buildings of Sint-Jan-ten-Berg, with an emphasis on open spaces, greenery, sustainability and financial returns.
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Domaine de l’Observatoire, Uccle

The former Deux Alice hospital offered enormous potential: green vistas, a traffic-calmed neighbourhood, large rooms with high ceilings. This residential project includes very diverse, elegant residential units, finished to perfection.
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Our strategy

Sustainable, well designed and of lasting value. Working with private and public partners, we focus on very specific newbuild and conversion projects.

By giving a luxury feel to historical sites in the city, we add value. For anyone who lives, works and spends time there, and for investors too.

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As a real estate developer and investor, 3d real estate use both its own ample resources and bank financing. We’re proud of our established reputation as a financially stable partner, including for large-scale projects.

3d real estate is part of the 3d investors investment group, which has a very wide range of activities. As real estate specialists, we focus on a specific niche with high returns and high value retention.

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