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About 3d real estate

The goal of a project developer and investor is to add value – by upgrading existing sites, but also through the ambition and drive to build something where nothing existed before. This is the strongest guarantee of success.

In all its projects, 3d real estate implements iconic real estate concepts, coupled with the creation of a pleasant living and working environment for investors and residents with varying budgets.

We are open to all kinds of partnerships and opportunities, but the philosophy and the approach are always the same.

Our fundamentals

3d real estate is part of the investment group 3d investors, which was established in 1992 by the Donck and Desimpel families, who were active in the dairy and building materials industries respectively.

In 2009, 3d began participating in real estate projects run by third parties; then, from 2015 onwards, it operated as a stand-alone project developer and investor under the 3d real estate banner. Our focus remained the same: authenticity, sustainability, drive and respect.

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Our philosophy

3d real estate operates as a developer/investor and specialist in real estate redevelopment. It works independently or in collaboration with private and public partners.

We understand the importance to the community of breathing new life into vacant sites and treating the scarce green spaces around us carefully and responsibly. We strive to reconcile respect for history with contemporary comfort and convenience in living and working.