Paal Beringen Plastiflex 3d realestate project 76 | 3d real estate

A trend-setting industrial development

At 3d real estate we are at home in all markets. From private residential developments to public-private partnerships or industrial redevelopments, such as this project. Through an investment holding we acquired an industrial estate in Paal-Beringen, which is now home to the new Plastiflex Group buildings. On the rest of the site, we are making room for the development of no fewer than ten SME units.

Office space and associated test facilities.

We came into contact with this innovative producer of plastic hoses through our parent company, 3d investors. The new buildings perfectly match its needs and identity: innovative, versatile and accessible.

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The site’s unique advantages

  • Large, versatile business park
  • Plans to develop ten more SME units on this site in 2021
  • Easily accessible via the E313 and E314

Practical details and availability

The site offers many other opportunities for SMEs as well as the buildings for Plastiflex. Are you looking for a suitable business park for your company to operate from? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.