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A strategic approach. From prospecting to completion.

3d real estate focuses on developing newbuild and conversion projects with private and public partners. We proactively look for sites where a unique blend of old and new is possible, and with plenty of potential. Old gems in the city are given a new lease of life through residential projects as well as retail, catering and offices.

Every location is unique and every project must closely reflect the environment, requirements and the local property market. At 3d real estate we build sustainably, making optimal use of free space and giving pride of place to urban greenery. That’s how we succeed in delivering desirable, sustainable and dynamic developments. The result is happy customers and satisfied investors.

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Our niche

3d real estate is a specialist in urban conversion projects, featuring ambitious designs and a strong emphasis on historical value, embeddedness and quality of finish.

We often also work in large public-private partnerships. Together with renowned architects, we deliver projects that offer great added value. For the city, for residents and for investors.

Green & innovative

Projects need to come alive, and this is only possible when your approach is sustainable. That means sustainable in the broadest sense: taking account of the environment, but also of urban development, mobility, quality of life and the property market.

We therefore consistently opt for sustainable construction and seek out the latest technology and innovations.

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Centred around investors and residents

Our projects are designed and carried out by carefully selected construction partners, with a view to quality and added value every time.

Only in this way can we deliver high-quality concepts for buyers and investors with a range of different budgets.